Wanderlust EP

by Search/Party

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An acoustic Ep by Search/Party.

released March 2015


released March 10, 2015

All songs written by Search/Party
Produced by Sam Martinez and Search/Party at The Secret Mountain Base, Colton, OR
Mixed and Mastered by Sam Martinez.

Artwork by Curtis Ashby/Paper Diamonds Clothing



all rights reserved


Search/Party Portland, Oregon

Search/Party is:
Joss Rose - Vocals/Guitar

Brad Rooks - Guitar/Vocals

Ashton Tallmadge -

Ken Williams -

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Track Name: We've Got Dodson Here (nobody cares) - acoustic
Are you keeping all your promises
Like I've been keeping mine?
In this game of hide and seek
it'll be my job to find...
it all comes down to politics
and how you swing the vote
Dollar signs are changing minds my dear
I hope you're taking notes....

Its so hard, and I'm a wreck
I swear I'll be missing you to death
what doesn't kill us makes us stronger
And baby we ain't seen nothing yet....

And I wonder what it's like
To always be the one who's right
Because on the other side physics
Is truth behind the lies
But I will take what I can get
While I know the getting's good
When beggers can't be choosers
I'll be so misunderstood....

And all these skeptic hands
Can never hold us back
Track Name: Better Is Always Better (acoustic)
And I felt it in my lungs.
the salt air of the coast line
when we took her to see the ocean
for the first time
the sun came out for us
the sand goes on and on
The waves crashed like they always do
just for you.
just for you....

So sleep now my dear
when you wake up we'll be home.
sweet dreams my dear
when you wake up we'll be home.
Just close your eyes....

we held our breath
and hoped the day would never end
when we took her to see the shore
to feel the wind on our skin
the weather held up
Until the sun went down
And the starts came out two by two
just for you....
just for you....

I don't know what it is
but there's something special here
i can feel it in my bones
i can hear it loud and clear
I can feel it in my bones...
Track Name: Everyone Here Calls Me Vicki (acoustic)
we saw the sky open up
to spill it's guts
On everything we love
So this is drowning
In a sea of disbelief
And I wonder
How it came to be
That the wight of the world
Could fall on me....

We bought a map
Of every continent
And filled it full of pins.
And all of them
A place we've never been.
Let's take them out
One by one
Let's see the world
While we're young....

And all the nights we spent
Whispering about
Life and the universe
and everything else...
I swear I'll keep them close to me